Ford Shelby GT500’s summer tour kicks off 

Ford Shelby GT500’s summer tour kicks off

Good news for Mustang lovers and enthusiasts out there, you need not travel far to be able to get a closer look at the 2007 Shelby GT500 for it is scheduled to race to a city near you.

2007Ford Shelby GT500

The scheduled cross-country tour that will include stops to 16 different cities is part of Ford’s ‘Bold Moves’ to showcase their vehicles to the American drivers in a more personal and exciting way.

The new Shelby Mustang will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; Tampa, Florida; Danville, Virginia; Boston; Birmingham, Alabama and Fort Worth, Texas, among other locations. Ford is indeed serious to win the hearts and minds of Americans to embrace their new exciting lineup of redesigned vehicles.

Being the most powerful factory-built Mustang ever, the Shelby GT500 exemplifies a powerful and great performing vehicle. It boasts a 500-horsepower 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine.

With the street invasion of the new GT500, looks like it is again ready to set the record for being the king of the road just like what the previous Mustang GT is known for.

If you want one of these new Shelby there’s more exciting options for you as you’ll be able to choose between a coupe and convertible version of it soon because it is due to grace showrooms this coming July. It is expected to be offered below a price of $43,000 and sure enough many are now anticipating into driving this iconic car.

For all existing Mustang owners, there’s Auto Parts Online, the premiere source of Ford Mustang parts and accessories that will help you maintain that legendary car of yours.

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